How to operate the app

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  • You have choosen the type of exercise: either one target language or a mix of various Romance languages (plurilingualism).
  • When filling in the blanks, take time for comparing between the target word and its equivalents in other languages. The following questions may be helpful: What are the similarities concerning forms, significations, affecting grammar? What are the differences? Are there special features I should keep in mind?
  • Fill in the blank.
  • Note the corrected words by the app, this will improve your learning results. Later on, the app will present the word again.
  • Note down the words of which you think that you do not actually ‘know’ them. Consult an electronic or paper word list to learn more about the words’ significations and features. At a later date, take a look at your note list to control whether the former ‘unknown’ words have been successfully memorized.

Attention: Do not interpret the “corrected words” as errors.