At a glance

The app EuroComDidact ToGo

  • supports plurilingualism (Romance languages)
  • fosters the easy and rapid acquisition of reading skills encompassing several Romance languages
  • includes the 5000 most common words of French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. These are, apart from the theme words, the most important words to understand and use a foreign language
  • correlates the Romance words with their English and German equivalents. Thus it also allows learners to consolidate and expand their vocabulary in these languages
  • leaves users the choice of source, bridge and Romance target languages
  • by ‘remembering’ the course of a learning session, gives users the freedom to practice whenever and where to continue with the exercises. They always find new tasks
  • contents are taken task by task from the database Core Vocabulary of Romance Plurilingualism (CVRP)
  • contents can be reassembled at the addressees’ requests. The electronic display allows ad hoc new visualizations
  • supports the “unmasking” of unknown words in foreign Romance languages by choosing contents in accordance to phonetic and orthography rules
  • in regard to advanced learners, supports the very rapid development of reading and listening comprehension by specifically selecting those words of the core register that cannot be deduced from any other language (profile-words)
  • is didactically supported by the homepage learning method, learning tips, intercomprehension didactics for teachers, students, advanced learners
  • is available for free as a download

The database Core Vocabulary of Romance Plurilingualism (CVRP)

  • is a database for the target languages French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, supplemented by German and English
  • is compiled from the frequency lists of computational lexicography, which constructs its inventories from millions and millions of documents
  • arranges the material in six-language series (French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, English)
  • correlates the vocabulary of the individual target languages with approx. 30 pedagogically and lexically relevant selectors, which allow the compilation of lists according to the wishes of addressees
  • arranges the inventory into frequency intervals (basic vocabulary = frequency rank < 2000; Core vocabulary <5000) and in 5 transparency classes
  • allows special compilations of vocabulary, e.B. according to criteria such as target language(s), frequency rank interval, interlingual transparency classes
  • is the basis for didactic research related to lexical input

  • gives learning tips on how to use the app and learn foreign languages in general
  • supports teachers who want to use the intercomprehensive approach because…
    • it promotes language learning competence or reflexive learning in a strong way …
    • its methodological repertoire can be used in foreign language teaching in general…
    • in addition to the actual target language, it can impart basic reading skills in a language related to it…
    • teachers simply want to pass on the benefits of ‘networking learning’ to their students