Who benefits from the app?

The EuroComDidact ToGo app is aimed at users who learn largely autonomously – guiding and controlling their own learning progress – and who have sufficient language and language learning skills, e.g. Basic vocabulary of a Romance language and/or English. The app can be used primarily for students in grades 9 and 10, secondary school, students and independently learning adults.

The app has the advantage that it combines the newly acquired knowledge with your already existing knowledge. On the one hand, you will consolidate and expand your existing English and/or French skills, on the other hand you will learn the vocabulary of your new target language. You kill two birds with one stone; if you learn a second Romance language, it is even three.

By constantly comparing words corresponding to each other in different languages, you also build up your language awareness and thus your language learning competence.

Learning with the plurilingual word list is all the more effective, the more purposeful and methodically appropriate you learn. Therefore, use the learning aids of EuroComDidact.