The method will help you to develop reading skills in languages of a family of which you already know one – in a couple of hours only. To provide an example: It is easy to learn Italian if you already have some knowledge in French or Spanish and English and even German are helpful as well.

Under the name EuroCom, specialists in Romance (EuroComRom), Germanic (EuroComGerm) and Slavic languages (EuroComSlav) as well as experts in foreign language learning and teaching (EuroComDidact) have joined forces to develop plurilingualism and promote eurocomprehension. The term means comprehension between Europeans beyond their language boundaries. In 1999, the group was awarded the Austrian “European Seal of Approval for Innovative Language Projects”.

The basis of intercomprehension is the ability to understand a foreign language without having formally learned it through teaching or acquired it in its natural environment. The method activates the learning-relevant prior knowledge available on the learner side in order to link it with new cognitive schemes to generate or to optimize new skills. Intercomprehension is the best way to build language learning skills.

Intercomprehension in keywords (video in French).

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 Get  the core vocabulary of romance languages. The app “EuroComDidact ToGo” helps you in many ways.